Coco peat grow bags


A specific volume of selected coir pith blended with adequate quantity of short fibre in a compressed form is packed loosely in a UV stabilized Black At user end suitable holes for drainage as well as planting holes are to be cut by the user and the compressed coir pith is expanded by addition of water to it. The coir pith expands fully inside the bag and maintains a rectangular shape for Grow Bag. Plants are grown on the grow bag by regular fertilization.



Grow bags are used in commercial green house cultivation of vegetables and flowers. Grow Bags with coir fibre pith (Coco Peat) are popular in most parts of the world because they are more fertilizer responsive then grow bags which use peat rock – wool. The coir fibre pith Grow Bag has the advantage that is recyclable and therefore retained by farmers to cultivate 2 – 3 crops per year and the fibre is reused for seedling nurseries or as a soil much. Other sizes are made as per customer requirement. Bags are UV stabilized Black and White with printing as per customer requirement. Special Grow bags are available for Strawberry cultivation 

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