Coco Peat (Compressed Coir Pith)
Dimension :30X30X14Cm
Unit Weight:5 Kg
PH :5.5 to 6.5
Moisture :10-15%
Expansion :65 to 75 liters

Coir Pith is an organic tiny particle which is obtained from coconut husk while separating fibre from husk. The Coir pith is also known as ‘Cocopeat’.

100% organic
High water and nutrition holding capacity
Enhance strong and healthy root system
Good air porosity
Perfect growing medium for plants
Used in Tomato, cucumber, rose, gerbera, and strawberry plantation.
Used in Horticulture and Floriculture Environments
Used in green house plantation

Multi-purpose Growing Medium
Cocopeat is a multi purpose growing medium that provides new opportunities for: Potting Mix Suppliers, Seedling Nurseries, Hydroponics Growers and Golf Green Constructors.

Environmental support
Cocopeat provides as an organic alternate to rockwool and perlite media without the environmental disposal issues. Hydroponics crop production using Cocopeat makes the opportunity to consistently maximize yield and provide better quality.

Excellent water holding capacity
Excellent water holding capacity of cocopeat provides a buffer in high temperatures and high crop load demand without compromising air supply. Additionally, it offers high water absorption and retention rate.

Root Growth
The presence of organic compounds in Cocopeat can results strong root growth compare with other growing medium. In addition it offers some natural resistance to plant diseases, so the plant live span will be long.

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